Clit Jewelry for stimulating possibilities!

Clit Jewelry is clearly the rage with our body jewelry enthusiasts! Discover the excitement clit jewelry has fashioned for so many of our daring customers! We offer a variety of erotic clit jewelry styles and designs to choose from featuring: 

Clit Jewelry

Tear Drop | sjc117

Single tear drop crystal with four rondelles makes this clip pop.

sjc117   $30.00
Clit Clip

Stars and Stripes | sjc118

Show your USA spirit. Red, White and Blue makes this an American favorite.

sjc118   $25.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Slave w/Ball | sjc120

Single tear drop crystal with two strands in gold connecting a metal ball.

sjc120   $30.00
Clit Clip

Clit Jewelry | sjc108

This clit clip has three strands in gold only suspending a pair of sparkling crystals.

sjc108   $35.00
Clit Clip

Clit Clip | sjc109

This little clit clip has one beautiful tear drop crystal in your choice of select colors. Very discreet!

sjc109   $25.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Jewelry | sjc102

Our first in the Lady of Pearl series. Three crystals in your choice of select colors provide one of our more discreet selections.

sjc102   $25.00
Clit Clip

Clit Clip | sjc101

Six beautiful crystals in your choice of select colors give weight to this elegant piece!

sjc101   $35.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Jewelry | sjc122

Single heart crystal with three strands in gold connecting.

sjc122   $30.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Clip | sjc119

Two tear drop crystals topped with ticklers.

sjc119   $30.00
Clit Clip

Clit Jewelry | sjc107u

This little clit jewel called the pussy willow squeezes the clit only!

sjc107u   $30.00
Clit Clip

Clit Clip | sjc110

This clit clip also has one beautiful pear crystal in your choice of select colors with added tassels for extra tickle.

sjc110   $30.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Jewelry | sjc111

This clit jewelry has one heart crystal in your choice of select colors.

sjc111   $25.00
Clit Clip

Clit Hugger | sjc112

This clitoris clip has three centered hanging crystals in your choice of select colors.

sjc112   $30.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Clip | sjc113

Clit Jewelry that has one pear crystal with added dangle in your choice of select colors. Order Passion Pear nipple nooses to match.

sjc113   $25.00
Clit Clip

Clit Jewelry | sjc114

Clit Jewelry that has three hanging pear crystals with six black rondelles.

sjc114   $45.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Clip | sjc116

Three crystals each with hanging tassels makes this clit clip stand out.

sjc116   $25.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Jewelry | sjc103

This clitoral clip provides lots of squeeze and chain play.

sjc103   $20.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Clip | sjc104u

Four crystal rondelles on this clit clip, with two metal beads top two sparkling heart shaped crystals that will excite!

sjc104u   $35.00
Clit Clip

Clit Jewelry | sjc105u

This hot clit clip has four fiery red glass beads with interesting color tones, and two metal beads.

sjc105u   $35.00
Clit Jewelry

Clit Jewelry | sjc106u

New 14k Gold round "pearls" update this piece. Adorn yourself or your lover with this fine clit clip. You'll stay aware that it's there.

sjc106u   $45.00